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Keith is an outstanding Engineering Leader.

I was lucky to work alongside Keith for close to a year, managing a large team of SREs.

Keith possesses an extraordinary amount of development, delivery and process experience. He was able to instantly apply that knowledge to:

Alongside that, Keith is a caring and knowledgeable manager of people. Keith spends quality time with his reports, mentoring them, working with them to grow and succeed.

Owen Butler, Senior Engineering Manager, Envato (2022)

Keith was immensely helpful as soon as he joined Clover. We had a big Rails migration project that had been stalled for quite some time, but with his experience the project was quickly unstuck, and progress made on this business critical migration.

He also helped mature our remote working practices, with better routines and better communication.

I enjoyed the time I worked with Keith and hope I can work with him again in the future.

Alan Harper, Head of Engineering, Clover.com.au (2019)

Keith is a conscientious developer with a professional and methodical approach to building software. His clear communication style makes remote collaboration a breeze, and his friendly approach is sure to fit in with any team.

James Healy, Technical Director, The Conversation (2017)

Keith was such a delight to work with — experienced, thoughtful and enthusiastic, not to mention an all-round good guy. As a remote team member, he put extra effort into communication and collaboration, and that made working with Keith productive and enjoyable. His passion for Ruby along with his commitment to the Ruby community means you’re guaranteed to always learn something from his approach and enthusiasm for technology.

Travis Winters, Former colleague at The Conversation (2016)

I worked with Keith for a couple of years at Blake Education. He is a very proficient and professional developer, as well as a great bloke to have around the workplace. Keith could always be relied on to get the job done and had a keen interest in improving how we (the developers) could improve our processes and code.

Tim McGilchrist, Former colleague at Blake eLearning (2015)

From the moment I met Keith, it was very clear that he cared deeply about the people around him and the broader community. I was not at all surprised to find him very active in the conversations that led us to start a new non-profit organisation to further the Ruby community in Australia. We could not have chosen a better person to be our founding president, and it was my privilege to work alongside him. As if that was not enough, Keith also organised Rails Camp 9 and the inaugural RubyConf AU. Few people can say they have done as much as Keith to help the Ruby community in Australia.

Sebastian von Conrad, Development Manager, Envato (2015)

Keith Pitty and his company Cockatoo Software have worked closely with Healthworks over recent years to develop and upgrade one of our critical web platforms. He is an experienced and gifted programmer and he worked closely with us to scope, develop and trouble shoot as required. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Ken Buckley, CEO & Founder, Healthworks (2015)

Keith delivers well tested software with a commitment to quality. He is open to new ideas, easy to work with and involved with the professional community.

Martin Stannard, Lead Web Developer, Blake eLearning (2014)

Keith’s methodical ways, backed with 20+ years of experience in the software industry are a winning combination. Listen and act on his advice and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Matt Allen, Director & Software Developer, Dev Logic Pty Ltd (2012)

Keith, Map 10 is working well. Thanks for all your work in getting it up and live. There’ll be some happy kiddies out there in Reading Eggs land.

Katy Pike, Publisher, Blake eLearning (2009)

I have worked alongside Keith on a number of projects. I’m impressed with his ability to address complex customer requirements on one hand, whilst attending to a mass of technical detail on the other. I continue to recommend Keith’s services.

Alan Green, Former Colleague at Cirrus Technologies Pty. Ltd. (2007)

Keith’s wealth of programming experience combines with keen attention to detail, a mind always open to new ideas, and an unwillingness to compromise on quality.

Charles Miller, Former Colleague at Cirrus Technologies Pty. Ltd. (2006)

As one of Keith’s peers at Advanced Software Engineering, I could always count on Keith’s professional integrity, and his ability to be able to get the required results for our customers, in either a pre-sales role, a consulting assignment, or in delivery of teaching materials. Keith was always a pleasure to work with, and I found him to be very knowledgeable across his many areas of expertise.

Chris Fuller, Former Colleague at Advanced Software Engineering Pty. Ltd. (2006)

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