Preparing to speak at RubyConf AU

13 Jan 2015

The time is getting closer.

In a little over three weeks I’ll be speaking at RubyConf Australia in Melbourne. To say I’m giving a lot of attention to preparing my talk is an understatement.

It has been a while since I spoke at a conference and, even though I have since spoken at many user group meetings and other tech events such as Rails Camp, I am very conscious of the need to improve.

The point of this post is to acknowledge how much I am appreciating the wonderful site that Zach Holman has curated. I recall seeing Zach speak at YOW! a few years ago and marvelling at his seemingly effortless delivery. Now I am very grateful for the tips that Zach has provided. Hopefully I’ll do them justice.

For now, if you need to prepare a talk, I thoroughly recommend Zach’s site.

I’d better get back to my slides.

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