Anticipating RubyConf Austalia 2013

15 Feb 2013

We are on the home stretch!

Just over a year ago I made a commitment to ensure that the inaugural Australian Ruby programming conference would become a reality. Next week, in Melbourne, it will.

RubyConf Australia 2013 will kick off with a day of workshops on Wednesday before more than 350 delegates gather at the conference to hear speakers present a variety of Ruby-related talks on Thursday and Friday.

With less than a week to go, you may wonder why I have chosen to devote time to a blog post now. You’d think I would be flat out doing last minute things in preparation. Of course I am, but I guess I thought it would be therapeutic to spend a few minutes sharing my reflections about organising the conference.

I won’t go into exhaustive detail now but I do want to emphasise several factors which have underpinned the conference organisation. Without them, I doubt we would have got to where we are today without much more pain.

That’s it for now. I’m not sure how insightful that was for you. It was somewhat cathartic for me but not as helpful as the drinks at the conference closing party will be.

Wish us luck!

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