Maintaining a Legacy Rails App

05 Apr 2011

Last night I deployed a new release of a Rails app.

Having deployed apps built with Rails 3 or at the very least Rails 2 apps using Bundler, the experience of deploying a Rails 2.3.5 app left me with a keen desire to at least bring this app up to Rails 2.3.11 with Bundler.

One of the delights of last night’s deployment was having to update RubyGems on the target machine. Usually this is as simple as:

gem update —system  

That is, unless you are forced to upgrade to a specific, old release of RubyGems. Being at Rails 2.3.5 with this app, we were in this situation.

Speaking of “not exactly state of the art”, the version of Ruby on the target machine is Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.6.

Obviously, the preferred option would be to upgrade to Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.5 forthwith.

However, it’s not my money that will be funding the upgrade. First steps first. I’m aiming for the following path:

Wish me luck!

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