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13 Oct 2008

In recent months I’ve had a desire to improve both the appearance and functionality of this site. On the one hand I was never really happy with the old colour scheme and overall visual design. And I’ve always wanted to make the site more interactive but held off until now.

The catalyst for actually doing the design and development for the upgrade was the recent Web Directions South 08 conference. One thing I liked about WDS08 was the way it was divided into Design, Development and Business streams. It afforded a software developer like me the opportunity to gain more insight into web design skills as well as learn more about tools for development.

When I’m developing software for the web, I feel much more flow when I’m happy with the appearance of the site. Having been inspired by what I learnt about web design at WDS08, just under a week ago I started on the redesign. Jason Beaird’s book The Principles of Beautiful Web Design was invaluable as I followed his advice on Layout and Composition, Colour, Texture, Typography and Imagery.

Once I’d competed the redesign, I felt on a roll so decided to implement a blog. Whilst there are still features I’d like to add to it, what I have so far will suffice to launch it.

So, there you have it. Improved design. More interactive. All constructive feedback is welcome.

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